login - Logging in of a client to the server
Logging a client to the server means acceding a certain domain, where they then work, use its rooms and variables. One user can only be logged in one domain only.
XML request, sent by the client to the server
     <login nickName="client3" domainName="demo1" domainPassword="pass1" [sid="1"]/>
Nickname under which you want to log in the server. This nickname must be unique on the server and it must contain more than 2 sign. If the nickname is already in use, the server notifies the user.
A name of the domain to which we want to log.
The user must use a password to be logged in. List of the used passwords is defined by administrator in the file eClever.config.
Note: The command login must be sent to the server within certain time after the connection. If the time limit runs out the client is disconnected from the server. This limit is defined in eClever.config in the parameter loginTimeOut.
If several different client applications use one domain they have the same parametres domainName and domainPassword. For short: To an application of one developer we log in the same way if their application uses one domain section.
XML response of the server to the client
       <response action="login" clientId="5F1A8894-EF25-41E0-BAF3-0DFC7675B252" errorCode="0" [sid="1"]/>
Identificator unambiguously identifying each user.
Error description
Incorrect password for logging in.
The inserted nickname already exists.
Nickname contains less than 4 signs or more then 25 signs.
Unsuccessful attempt to log in the domain due to exceeded limit of logged clients.
The client is already logged in the server. If he wants to log in to another domain he has to get disconnected first.