Date of update: 5/15/2011
XML Socket Server - eClever
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eclClient - ActionScript 2.0 (10 kB)

28.03.2008 Version 2.8.2 The class eClever was renamed to eclClient.
17.03.2008 Version 2.8.1 The method disconnectFromServer was corrected.
11.02.2008 Version 2.8.0 Adjustment for the protocol of the version 2.8.
21.11.2007 Version 2.7.1 The method adminLogin was changed.
12.08.2007 Version 2.7.0 The whole library has been remade.
09.04.2007 Version 2.6.3 The method adminRestart was changed.
27.03.2007 Version 2.6.2 The event onXTRA was changed.
16.03.2007 Version 2.6.1 The clientId was added to onAdminLogin event.
13.03.2007 Version 2.6 The parameter isPermanent was added to the method addRoom.
The method adminBan and adminInfo were added.
27.12.2006 Version 2.51 The property guid was renamed to clientId.
11.12.2006 Version 2.5 The method cancelChallenge and events onCancelChallenge and onResCancelChallenge were added.
01.12.2006 Version 2.4 The property guid, method xtra and event onXtra were added.
25.06.2006   Version 2.3.1   The method addVariable was changed.
The property isGameMaster was added.
The methods adminLogin and adminMessage were added.
07.06.2006   Version 2.3.0   The way of numbering of versions was changed.
16.05.2006   Version 1.2.0   The function addRoomGame was added.
14.12.2005   Version 1.1.0   Adjustment for the protocol of the version 1.3.
07.11.2005   Version 1.0.0   Officially released.

Note: For the object eclClient use surfix _ecl. For instance x1_ecl will be recognised as eClever object. This will, of course, only happen in the case that installation of eclClientInstall.mxp has been undercarried correctly.

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