Date of update: 5/15/2011
XML Socket Server - eClever
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Licence conditions

There are several possibilities of how to use XML Socket Multiuser Server - eClever. 

• Free of charge for non-commercial solutions.
• Purchase a packet for a limited number of simultaneously connected users.
• Purchase an unlimited licence.

As users of the software created by the company Studio dmm, you have to fully respect points listed below and common rules for products licencing as well. If you are unable to fulfil at least one of the points or if you do not agree with the common conditions of use of Studio dmm pruducts you are not authorised to use the software. Read carefully the points of this licence agreement.

1. You agree to use the software on your own risk. Neither the author, nor the persons taking part in the development of this product are responsible for possible problems or damage, that can appear as a direct or indirect impact of using this software.

2. You can download the software free of charge from the website to test it for any, unlimited period.

3. By paying for the product you become a registred user and you get a registration number to have the software fully functional. You also may ask for technical support.

4. It is forbidden to distribute the registration number in any form to make it accessible for unregistred persons.

5. If a registred user provides any third person with the registration number or if they enable its misuse,
for example on the website, they are fully responsible , in accordance with the law applicable.

6. Any reverse analyse, decompilation and transformation of the source code are not allowed as well
as it is not allowed to interfere in the final code.

7. Technical support for the software will be available on .

8. This licence is in accordance with the law applicable, especially the Copyright Act, whose breaking is punishable.

© 1992-2010 Studio dmm, all rights reserved