Date of update: 5/15/2011
XML Socket Server - eClever
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There are several possibilities of how to use XML Socket Multiuser Server - eClever.

1. Free of charge for non-commercial solutions
Up to 5 simultaneously connected users you use the XML Socket Multiuser Server - eClever for non-commercial solutions free of charge.
Http server will allow making 50 http commands in the free version, then it will became dysfunctional. To be able to make it function again you have to restart the http server.

2. Purchase the "20" packet
This packet contains a license for 20 users simultaneously connected to the server. It costs 47 USD. You get fully functioning XML Socket Server - eClever.

3. Purchase the "100" packet
The licence is sold by packets. One packet contains a licence for 100 simultaneously connected users and it costs
127 USD. If you buy, for example, a licence for 100 users you will pay 127 USD. If you then find out that you need a licence for 300 users you will purchase other 2 licences and you will pay 127 x 2=254 USD, which will allow you to use the XML Socket Multiuser Server - eClever for 300 simultaneously connected users.

4. Purchase an unlimited licence
If you intend to offer services for many users without the necessity to keep on buying other packets you can get an unlimited licence worth 677 USD.

Online order and payment
This is the fastest and easiest way to order. You can go directly to the order page of payment portal. You will get the registration code by your e-mail within 24 h after purchase.

After having paid you will receive installation numbers by e-mail from Unfortunately nowadays a lot of e-mails are marked as spams even if they are not spams at all. Please set the rules in your e-mail settings in the way that the message cannot be redirected to spam trash bin. If you do not receive any reply from us 24h after having paid, please contact us.

Product Platform Price  
XML Socket Multiuser Server - eClever
XML Socket Server - 20 clients simultaneously connnected to the server Windows 47 USD
XML Socket Server - every 100 clients simultaneously connnected to the server Windows 127 USD
XML Socket Server - unlimited number of clients connnected to the server Windows 677 USD
XTRA for Socket Multiuser Server - eClever
XTRA for work with XLS files - pluginXLS Windows 97 USD

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